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On the Edge - A Glance At WW3's Beginnings

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Anyone recall the history surrounding the change in our global economies, cultures, and the events leading up to WWII? Better yet - think about this - in many ways - WWI itself set things in motion that led to the second World War.....

Fast Forward. Today we've been engaging in the Middle East directly for how long? Stage is set, conditions are changing, stability is changing across the region.

Ready for this? Just a few thoughts....

Here's my slightly beer-induced thought on WW3

Egypt heads more extremist
Israel has to react to Iran more boldly. In fact without the balance prior to Egypt's departure from stability - That'll secure an unfettered connection across N.Africa through to the Peninsula.
Iran touches off WW3

Did anyone see the news today about the Iranians pushing a few ships through the Suez? Oil prices jumped just at the initial news on the world markets. Enterprise Crosses the Suez, Israel Claims Iran Sending Through Warships

also: Oil Higher on Iran Warship Movements

Impact back here in the states - way I see it - would mainly be economic reaction to the events unfolding there. If Israel opens up a can on those around them - that whole region will tip the rest of us into a global economic depression.

So stock up food, grow your own garden, hunt/fish, make sure you know what places will be less populated that are nearby if food riots ever were to hit. There was also a bit of news on CNBC today about a potential for major food price spikes.... along with the inflation we all know is already likely.

UN Warned of Major Food Crisis

I plan to stock up on a few good bottles of scotch as well for when things start getting further along.....

Oh - here's another interesting thing many people seemed to miss:
All Ambassadors Called Back to Washington

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  1. NCO's Avatar
    My thoughts,

    Egypt: After Mubaraks resignation Egypt is moving towards stability, though much of it relies on the military leaderships actions.

    Israel: They are just as smug as ever, nothing really new.

    Iran: This is interesting, mainly cause of the warships and the fact that reporters cannot work normally in Iran due local government orders.
  2. the survivalist's Avatar
    We must always rember what a wise man said: "I do not know with what weapons World War 3 will be fought, but World War 4 will be fought with sticks and stones." Einstein, Albert