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Large Wolf Packs

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The 125 wolves is the number I counted. My hunting partner counted 129. The wolves were mostly sleeping in the hot sun. Some of the wolves were with-in 50 yards sleeping, my rough guess is that the number sleeping or resting/laying down with-in 50 yards was about 20 or 25. They were not in the least alarmed. I will grant you that it may have been two different packs but I doubt it. I would also point out that the day before this I had shot a grizzly bear that was eating a fresh killed caribou. There was also another half eaten caribou near by.

I left the bear skin to be fleshed the next morning, at first light the next day when I returned to flesh the bear, all that was left of both caribou was a few bones the antlers, and some small pieces of hide. The Grizzly large for the area had been completely consumed, the hide was shredded to the point that all that was salvageable was a short necked head mount. I sat there for hours removing the skull and fleshing it, this is when the wolves started returning to the site. They never came closer that about 50 yards, and as I said they (Some) lay there and watched me for more then two hours before moving off.
Also they never acted aggressively toward me, never growled, they seemed to be as interested in me as I was of them. I will admit that I was a bit fearful, they would get up and move but never closer, they remained a set distance.

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