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Learning the basics, part 3.

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The Three Tools of Survival.

Many people, new to understanding survival, do not truly appreciate what it is & means. Some believe that it’s the latest “extreme sport,” romanticized by TV stars who drink urine & eat all kinds of disgusting things in order to dramatize what it is they’re doing. These “posers” run headlong through the outdoors, setting a poor example for those who watch in the hopes of learning how to fend for their selves out in the wilderness. The reality is that “Survival” is “Life Over Death.”

The 1st thing that anybody new to the concept of survival has to realize is that there are 3 tools that they must have & learn to use in order to better their chances of coming through any bad situation. The 3 tools are:
1. Your will.
2. Your knowledge.
3. Your equipment.

Let’s look at each one. First is “YOUR WILL.” Science has termed this as the instinct for self-preservation. However, learning to control it is paramount. Many people finding themselves lost in the woods without prior experience &/or training oft-times panic…& panic KILLS! A short preface on the page facing chapter 12 is a quote by Ernest Thompson Seton, 1906:
“The worst thing you can do is get frightened. The truly dangerous enemy is not the cold or the hunger, so much as the fear. It robs the wanderer of his judgment and of his limb power; it is fear that turns the passing experience into a final tragedy…Keep cool and all will be well…Use what you have, where you are, right now.”

#2 is “Your Knowledge;” what you learn, both through study and “boots in the field.” With this tool you learn as much as you can about your equipment and, more importantly, your attitude. Many come here with the attitude that they “know it all” & expect us to stand back in awe when, in reality, they know very little.

#3 is Your Equipment, or gear. It is not enough to just buy stuff and store it in your pack, you have to take it out and field-test it; learn to use it; find out it’s limitations; keep it repaired and ready to do it’s job. I will be talking more about gear later. However, one piece of gear that you can start using right now is a notebook and pen or pencil. Start writing down everything that comes to mind when reading this material. Also, write down any ideas as well as what you learn as you go out into the wilderness to start on the great adventure you’ve always dreamt of. The outdoors is waiting on you, are you getting ready?

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