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Learning the basics; (continued.)

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THE BOOK: (Note, the 1984 Fieldbook is pictured at the bottom of this blog page, far left book.)

In 1984, if you were a Boy Scout, or even a leader, you would, more than likely, carry a copy of this book in your pack. It covers everything you need to know: While I'll be only going through the chapter on “Survival,” the following is the table of contents so you can see all of the important topics that are covered. Any notations that I’ve added are in red.


1. Reducing our impact.
2. Hiking.
3. Backcountry Navigation.
4. Gearing Up.
5. Making Equipment.
6. Camping Know-How.
7. Stoves & Fires
8. Trail Menus and Cooking.
9. Becoming Fit.
10. Outdoor Safety
11. Outdoor First Aid.
12. Survival Prepardness.(this is the chapter I will be discussing.)
13. Swimming and Lifesaving.
14. Where To Go.
15. Planning.

16. Backpacking.
17. Canoeing.
18. Whitewater Rafting and Kayacking.
19. Riding and Packing.
20. Winter Camping.
21. Cross-Country Skiing.
22. Snowshoeing.
23. Mountain Hiking and Climbing.
24. Mountaineering and Technical
25. Caving.
26. Wilderness Search and Rescue.
27. Fishing.
28. Bicycling.
29. Outdoor and Nature Photography.
30. Trail Building and Maintenance.

31. Understanding Nature.
32. Observing Nature.
33. The Earth.
34. Weather.
35. Plants.
36. Wildlife and Fish.
37. The Night Sky.

As you can see, there’s more here than you can expect to learn in a lifetime. While these chapters do not exhaust their topics, they can give a new-comer a good insight to what they need to know. Want to go on a day-hike but don’t know how to dress or what to take? Chapter 2 will help you out. While “going solo” is not wholly endorsed and is discouraged, on my part, concerning the new-comer, the book was written for an organized group that could be copied by a family. You are only limited by your lack of creativity. I say go for it!

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