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Learning the basics.

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By Sarge47


I wrote this with a particular type of person in mind. I didn’t write it for the experienced outdoors folks who already know way more than what I’m writing here. They have their knowledge that they’ve gained in their own paths that they’ve walked.

I didn’t write it for the Numpties who already believe that they know everything since they’ve watched all of the reality shows, read many books & everything that they could find on-line.

I’ve written it for the beginner who has had very little or no experience in the outdoors, yet is desperate to get their “boots in the field” & do it right.

I’m basing this on the 1984 “Fieldbook: Boy Scouts of America.”

I still believe that there are some BSA Troops & leaders who teach this knowledge; several of these are members of this forum. I will always maintain that if someone is able to “hook-up” with one of these groups then they certainly should do so.

However, sadly, the BSA has lost a lot of the values, skills, & crafts that they used to teach. Wilderness areas are vanishing while large, sprawling, urban cities are growing. So not only do the skills get lost, also the values that gave young people the confidence that, later in life, helped them to succeed in areas that, without the teaching, would have caused them to fail miserably. Hopefully this will encourage some to once again, learn those skills & values.

And while there are many books on the outdoors & survival out there, I’ve chosen this book for a very good reason; everything anyone would need to know about enjoying the outdoors is in it! All the other books are similar, but with little differences. Some maybe more specific to a certain region, but the basic knowledge is here.

I will only be touching very lightly on most of the information contained, and will be focusing on what this forum is about…basic Wilderness Survival.

I will not be writing about how to construct a good BOB, find a good survival knife, or prepare for the “Zombie Apocalypse.” I will be writing about how to stay alive when things go bad during a camping trip, fishing or hunting trip, or even a day hike. Enjoy.

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Updated 12-31-2010 at 12:17 AM by Sarge47