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My Response to Army Ranger Rick.

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A response to "Army Ranger Rick!"
To those of you that don't know, our "good old boy" member Army Ranger Rick has decided to "diss" forums like this, it's members, and mods on his website. I was going to reprint it but it was too long, possibly under copyright, & I don't want to give him another platform to vent his spleen, of void his bowels, whatever. If you want to know what I'm referring to in his article, you can read it for yourself at:

You might want to stand back a bit, this ain't gonna be pretty.

To Army Ranger Rick, & all the little "Rickettes" & "Junior Rangers:"

I just read your article: "What Do I Think of Survival Forums? 1st, I believe that every American, no matter where they might now reside, weather here or abroad, has the right to express their opinion...& that includes me. so here goes:

1.) You compare "survival forums" to bars & taverns, comparing the members to "bar-flies" who "don't seem to have a life and spend most of their time drinking and yakking away until there's no one around except the bartender & maybe you." I'd like to add those that are quick to jump on the "Survival" band wagon and make crappy little "survival toys" that look like they came out of a box of "Cracker-Jacks!" Now, being an American, I respect "Free-Enterprise" but to hawk crap that one dares to claim that it can save lives in the pursuit of the quick buck? Well, that's why buisness ethics were created!

2.) You next give your assinine description of a forum addict, thinking that anybody really gives 2 farts in the wind what you might think on this. I again point to the buyer of "cheap-azz survival gear" that belongs on the same shelf as the "hollow-handled Rambo knife!"

3.) I also read what you wrote about your daughter's addiction to forums in the past until she moved out of your house, what does that say about the parental upbringing she received?

4.) I'm quoting you here so there'll be no misunderstanding:

"Now I'll be honest with you, yea I sometimes register and log onto forums, but the only ones that I feel comfortable on are on military related forums where active duty and retired soliders (like me) like to chat and hang out. But from time to time I'll also log on and visit some survival forums too, but only because…
1. I'm bored due to some bad weather outside or because there's nothing worth watching on television.
2. I was invited by some people to participate in a forum discussion and they wanted my input & opinion.
3. I want to spread the word and let others know about a new tip or product that I just posted on my site."
Hmmm, #3 sounds a bit shady to me!

5.) Now onto the "Mods." Again, quoting:

"...And also because of some of the moderators who control these survival forums too. Now to me a forum moderator is like a “bartender,” he's the guy who is suppose to make sure no one gets out of line and misbehaves or he's suppose to throw their asses out. Yep, the same rules that apply in bars & taverns are the same rules that (should) apply in on-line forums.
But sometimes a forum moderator lacks the intestinal fortitude (balls) to tell someone to pipe down, chill out and behave. And sometimes they intentionally allow things to get a bit out of hand to spice up the forum. Why? To increase viewers, especailly if the moderator is the website owner and has a store page too.
People who belong to one forum are usually registered and belong to several and are logged onto all of them at the same time. Really. And whenever there's an interesting discussion going on in one forum such as a heated debate or an exchange of heated words someone from one of these forums tell the other forums what's going on in that other forum. And then everyone, from registered forum members and unregistered viewers will jump over to that forum thus bringing in more visitors and potential store customers and sales.
But not all forum moderators do this, only a few. Which I gotta tell you…unless you are the owner of a website, have an online store and a forum too.. I don't know why anyone would want to be a forum moderator unless you're being paid to be one. Other wise to me there's very little difference between a “forum addict” and a “forum moderator” unless of course you're taking turns being a moderator with someone else or several people."

1st, we do not allow "flaming" here, & if a member persists dispite our best efforts we ban them. As for being paid to do this, well, I have no problem with that. Why don't you present your case to the owner, I'm sure we mods can all use a few extra bucks.

6.) Quoting: "
"And for those of you who are addicted to forums, this picture here pretty much sums up what I think a lot of you addicts are, a “bunch of chimps with no life.”

Wow! Nice family photo! BTW, a side note regarding your "Join the Army" article, I do agree, but only if they couldn't make the Marines..Semper Fi!

To our members here, you might want to decide if you'd like to purchase anything from the good Ranger!

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  1. Justin Case's Avatar
    Well said Sarge, I read that stuff on his site too,, He claims to know a lot of stuff about how a forum works for somebody who claims to hate them ? LOL I have a feeling he 'Army Ranger Rick" is just a little bitter because he kept getting banned for spamming his JUNK on Forums,, ;)
  2. Aurelius95's Avatar
    I, for one, do not "hover" on multiple forums. In fact, this is the only one I am a member of, and the only one I visit (unless I'm searching for something). The mods here do a great job of keeping the peace.
  3. SthrnSqrl's Avatar
    Now Sarge...When I went to enlist, they told me my IQ was too high for the Corps, and I'd have to go This Ranger Rick guy sounds like a Saturday morning kids cartoon. Hulk Hogan in the lead role, maybe? I tend to agree with JC...ARR probably has a cobb up his butt from being banned for spamming a few too many times.