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Times are tuff

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I am an American first and foremost. I am dang proud to be and I love this country and thank the good lord my ancestors decided to come and settle in Texas. I am a Texano(Hispanic Native Texan) and am proud of that too. I have ancestors who provided food and horses to Sam Houstonís army. I also have family who are Huastecan Indians from Veracruz, Mexico. I donít know them much and 90% of my family is 100% American and LEGAL. Not very long ago I was driving down the road and a couple of punks almost rear ended me. After exchanging mean looks at each other, these guys came around and called me an effin Mexican! I lost it and returned a bunch of four letter words to these fools.
This immigration deal that is happening and folk getting all riled up saying some of the dumbest things on both sides is tiring me out. I am not dark skinned but am not blue eyed either. The bad apples coming across the border are making us Americans of Hispanic decent look bad. I have gone up to the smaller towns in Texas and get some dirty looks from folks until they get a chance to meet me. When I go to Mexico to visit my wifeís side of the family they look at me as an outsider and a foreigner with different customs and beliefs. I feel that I am too Mexican for the white man and too White for the Mexicans. I really wish this immigration problem comes to an end soon, but with the past, present and future Administrations in charge I seriously doubt that. The politicians are using this as a spark to increase anger in some and pity votes for others. I am worried on how far this will go. On some online forums I read things like, if you catch an illegal on your ranch land, its target practice time and bury them. They are invaders anyway. This is frightening. The media or government is using this to create a boogie man that we can blame our problems on. Thatís what happened to the Jews in Germany. Something needs to be done and I agree. The one thing I ask is for folks not to jump on the Kill/War/Hate Illegalís band wagon so easily. I sometimes take it kind of personally and I shouldnít, because I am not a Mexican. But I know how easy it is to be mistaken to be one. I guess I am just letting out some steam here cause I have been reading a lot of hateful threads in various forums lately and its gets to me sometimes how ignorant and hateful some folks can be. My dad who has been a truck driver for 40 yrs says that it used to be cool being a ďMexican AmericanĒ but now it is such a stigma for folks like us. He says remember the days of the Texas Tornados, Johnny Rodriguez, and Freddy Fender? Thos days are long gone.
Families like mine donít like the illegalís problem either. In this region of South Texas we had our own style of Music we called it Conjunto/Tex Mex/Texano. In the border area they cater more to the Mexican population and this regional music is dying out. We listen to country, rock, and all other American genres of music and our little regional music as well. Whites think itís the same as Mexican music but its not. Mexicans canít strand our regional music. So folks like me are stuck between a rock and a hard place and there is very little wiggle room nowadays.
Well maybe I will post another rant in the future, but for now I am done. Hope it makes a little sense. God bless America!

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  1. Justin Case's Avatar
    Very Well Said,, You have done a wonderful job of showing another perspective,, Thank you :)
  2. SthrnSqrl's Avatar
    My take on the whole thing is simple, Panch0. I say we let em all in, if they want in, but they have to become citizens. That goes for anyone wanting in. Develop a streamlined system to get their citizenship taken care of, so they can start paying taxes.

    The faster this happens, the faster we could (in theory) dig our way out of this national deficit.

    In any case, I'm sorry to hear about having to deal with the ignorance. If you need a break for a bit, come to NE Ohio...we'll roast a goat, make some BBQ, and enjoy the cool rainy weather for a bit.