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Wolf-Pack definition index.

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People come here at times and don't understand some of the terms we use. this list should help clear that up a bit:

1.) BOB: Bug-Out Bag. A bag packed with survival items to be grabbed in an emergency when taking off into a safer (hopefully) area.

2.) TSHTF: The Sh*t Hits the Fan! Things are going bad!

3.) TEOTWAWKI: The End Of The World As We Know It! Self-explanatory.

4.) NUMPTY: U.K. for "idiot".

5.) TBWN: "The Bare Wilderness Numptys!" Last summer we were visited by Adrian, one of two young men who were planning on doing something really foolish. Just about every member advised against what they were doing but they did it anyway...and failed. this post carries most of the data:

6.) K.N.N.: "Know-nothing Newby". Someone who's completely lost in the outdoors.

7.) Troll: A mea, rude, inconsiderate %&*#@ who's only goal in life appears to be how many forums he can get banned from!

8.) Spammer: Somebody who tries to illegaly advertise their goods &/or services on the forum. They are usually banned very quickly!

9.) Heathen Chinee Spambot: An automated Spamming robot that comes out of China. WSF actually battled & won a war with these hideous contraptions. Now they seem to be coming out of Asia.

More definitions will be posted as they become available.

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