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History Of The Wilderness Survival Forums

History Of The Wilderness Survival Forums

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Today, February 4, 2010, marks the Third Anniversary of our Wilderness Survival Forums. Just take a look at recent Forums statistics: 4,374 Members. 9,841 Threads. 185,804 Posts.

The fact that a few of our initial members stayed around is one of the reasons more and more members kept joining. Many of our Members have never posted or have otherwise posted only once or a very few times. Other membrs check in several times everyday.

Only a few of our original “old timers” – Members like our Administrator/Owner, Chris, and Members the edge, donny h, and Larry B who joined in our first month, have been around long enough to claim they have “survived” all of our history.

Have you ever wondered how it all began? Have you ever wondered how we’ve grown so large? Have you missed or forgotten any notable events?

Legend says it happened like this………

Once upon a time, there was this guy, we’ll call him “Chris” because that’s his real name, who had an idea. About 6 months after launching the Forums, he explained it this way:

Quote Originally Posted by Chris View Post

And so it begins....

I made this website 6 years ago. I had taken a Wilderness Survival class in ROTC and when studying there was such a low amount reference material online I thought I should make a site about it. I kept saying that "I should make a wilderness survival site" until my wife said "Well, do it already." So I did.

I waited quite awhile to add the forum, but once I did it really came to life, I want to thank all of you who have participated. I run around 6 forums and I was just remarking to my wife the other day how much I loved this one. More than any other forum I run this one has more quickly attracted better, more knowledgeable people.

You also have been so well behaved. Really, lots of great on topic relevant discussions with very little bickering (I did read something about who knows more about moose, if that is the worst it gets, great).

There has only been one person who needed discipline, they were posting nonsensical garbage posts for no apparent reason.

Until now, I got 2 PMs today about members causing problems. What has happened?

I don't want to be all heavy handed, appoint a moderator, enforce rules, I like the whole mutual respect camaraderie instead, but things have to stay civil.

So, here are some rules to keep in mind.

1. No hate speech. No derogatory comments about someone or a group of people based on sex, race, age, religion, whatever.

2. No personal attacks. If you disagree with someone, refute their statement. Don't call them a village idiot.

3. Private messages are private. Posting them publicly is just being antagonistic.

4. Keep discussion PG-13. If it goes to R rated this website might not be accessible from work places, schools, libraries, and the like.

5. No posting commercial advertisements (a/k/a spamming).

I'm not going to start with the policing now, since I never really gave you rules, but here are the rules, please try to follow them.

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