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My Blood is Awakening

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It happened not too long ago, maybe a few months, that I started to get a longing for living off the land. I suppose it's because of my ancestral heritage. Living the way my ancestors, the Mohawk, did traditionally a long time ago. I feel like their traditional way of life is being extinguished and forgotten, and my purpose is to preserve it. But in order to do that, I had to research what type of climate they lived in, what they ate, and how they lived. This has set me on the course of training to become an expert in surviving in the wilderness that is the mixed forested highlands of north-eastern North America (mainly present day New York state and mid Ontario), the Land of Lakes.

After researching and studying the types of animals that live in this region, I came across one that caught my attention farily quckly. The wolf. They interested me because of the way they can be so aggressive yet so kind amongst their kin. They are family creatures, hunting in a pack and working together, They are so like humans that they give me inspiration to be one with the wilderness.

Like many before me, I strive to be an explorer and to take the road less travelled. Yes I am new to this sort of thing, but just like the wolves, I know that with the help of others, I will become a great survivalist. It is my time to answer the call of the wild.

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    I think we may be brothers check out my blog you'll see what I mean.