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In Memory of Colin Fletcher. (1922-2007)

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We now refer to him as the "Spiritual Godfather" of the backpacking movement. He was the 1st person to ever walk a continuous route through the Grand Canyon in 1963. (The Man Who Walked Through Time.) He is also the author of the Backpacking Manual: "The Complete Walker" as well as the updated editions: II, III, & IV. This Manual is considered by most Backpackers as the "Hiker's Bible"! The latest edition boast 846 pages! In 2001, while walking, he was hit by an SUV & hung on for another 6 Years, at last succumbing to a head injury 10 days prior to my 60th birthday at the age of 85. I 1st heard of Colin in 1966 when I got a copy of his book about his Grand Canyon Trek. He inspired me to not be afraid of going out alone into the woods with nothing more than what you could carry on your person. Many of today's backpackers have been inspired to do what they do by this man. We hold his memory in loving tribute. (More on Colin:

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