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Am I a Survivalist

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We come here and say we're survivalist, but are we? I don't know if I consider myself a survivalist or just an outdoorsmen. I enjoy hiking, camping, scouting & tracking, hunting, fishing, trekking and the like, I know I can build a lean-to, debris hut, or other emergency shelter. I know alot of edible plants not all of them, I know alot of medicinal plants not all of them, I know I can track an animal in the forest and mountains as well as any man and for that matter I can and have tracked men in the forest. I trap and set snares and dead falls with the best of them, find my way using the stars and the lay of the land, have never been lost but have been confused a time or two. But I don't consider those survival traits, I consider those part of who I am. Now I know some of you will say those are what it takes to be a survivalist, but if the SHTF could you really survive? I am pretty confident I could make it on my own or with my family. Probably with several others even if they didn't know what to do because everyone can learn and in a real situation you'd be suprised who can step up and do what. But are these skills of a survivalist? Or are we just backwoodsmen or common folk who know the outdoors.

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