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My daughters first fishing trip.

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Every year my whole family tries to get together and do a camping/fishing trip, I have a big family and not every body makes it every year, but this last year we planned to do a trip up to Fenske Lake campground in MN, itís up near Ely outside of the BWCA.

My 4 year old daughter Abbi mentioned that she would like to go fishing with us. So I brought her to Dicks sporting goods and she picked out her own fishing pole (a pink Barbie pole).

After we arrived at the campsite and got settled in, we decided to try a bit of fishing. We brought canoes with us and we normally will fish from them but it was getting later in the day so we decided to check out the ďfishing pierĒ they have at the campground. Now being that Abbi is only 4 and has the attention span of a 4 year old, I tried to prep her and let her know that sometimes it takes a long time to catch anything and sometimes you donít get anything at all. She didnít seemed phased by my warning at all. My brother Ted and my Father tagged along with their fishing gear as well. I brought my pole and gear as well, but my plain was to just help Abbi, I figured I would try my luck after Abbi gave up, and only being 4 she would probably get bored in 20 min or so and just start throwing rocks in the water.

So we got to the pier it was a T shaped pier, my Dad and my Brother went to the end and started casting off. I set up Abbi with a small red worm and helped her cast it out. It was maybe 30 sec before she pulled up a tiny pan fish. She was so excited. Now let me say, when I fish I fish to keep and eat, obviously if the fish is too small it goes back, but if itís big enough to keep Iím keeping it and eating it. I was also raised that if the pan fish is as big as your hand (the person who caught it) itís a keeper. This tiny fish was just as big as her hand, so you can imagine how small a 4 year olds hand is, but it was a keeper, so I put it on the stringer, re-baited her up and back in the water it went, maybe it took a 1min for the second 1, this one was much bigger (another pan fish), it got to be ridicules on how many fish she was catching, I started throwing back the small ones she had so many. She even caught a small mouth bass!! After a while my dad gave up fishing and started helping, I would pull the fish off and he would re bait her. I think she ended up catching 10 for the day, we ended up keeping 6 of them.

Now the best part is nobody else caught anything, and when we got back to camp Abbi was so excited to let every body know that she caught all the fish, Grandpa, Daddy, and Uncle Teddy didnít catch any!! So if I ever end up in a survival situation, as long as Abbi has her Barbie pole we will have a full belly.

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  1. nell67's Avatar
    What a great first fishing trip,this will get her excited to keep going! Congratulations Abbi!
    Updated 01-10-2009 at 06:05 PM by nell67 (spelling)
  2. crashdive123's Avatar
    Nice story - good job to your daughter.
  3. dbldrew's Avatar
    Thanks for the comments guys, and Nell, Abbi said that your picture (avatar) is beautiful