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Winter Clothing Field Test#4

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Jan 1/09

Time: 2 pm

Temp: -24C/-11F

With Wind Chill (N 20 kph, gusting):

Distance: 3 miles

Time Elapsed: 1 hour

Terrain: Street, mild inclines.


Ready Pack (35lbs)

Base Layer: Dakota "driwear performance thermal top"
Large. Composition: 66% micro-nylon, 21% micro-polyester, 13% spandex..

Mid Layer (medium):North Face 100% polyester fleece jacket

Top Layer (medium):Wind River, 2XL, 100% polyester fleece jacket.
Windproof membrane. Moisture-wicking lining.

Polyester balaclava
Polyester fleece liner gloves
Polyester liner socks (forgot wool over-socks!)
Snow pants
Kamik snow boots
Wool boxer-briefs


I continue to be impressed by how well this base layer keeps me dry, and how layering in general is a far superior temperature regulator than just having one heavy coat.. I was warm and toasty the whole way, and I think I would have been warm even had I not been walking the whole way.. Armpit and small of back hardly got wet at all, and the wetness there was was wicked to the outside of the base layer shirt.

I maintained a relaxed,even pace, and when I did feel a bit hot all it took was taking off the balaclava for 30 seconds or so to get my temp down..

The pack felt good.. Tight in the chest area at first, but once I got used to it, I was fine..

I forgot to put on the wool socks over the poly liner socks! Feet were still nice and warm, though (I love these boots).. Some excessive rubbing, but nothing even close to causing a blister..

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