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About bugging out...

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There's always a lot on this site about "BOBs," bugging out, and bag contents. Books have been written about them and what to take. Many times these books seem to focus on young, single, strong males that have nobody else tnd are able to shoulder their huge, heavy bag, grab their rifle, and head off into the wilderness, if'n they have any nearby, like Dan'l Boone or somebody.

Little is said about families with young children, families with elderly folks, elderly folks by themselves, or perhaps people with infirmaries. What about a bed-bound person, or somebody who can't walk very far or very much? What if they're in a wheel chair?

Awhile back I was watching a story on the weather channel about the time the hurricane hit the Texas coast. One family in particular, with several infants, waited until the last minute to try get out. Unfortunately it seemed like everybody else in the city thought the same way. The interstate was packed and nobody was moving. The family was getting nervous as they were still in the storm area. So, they logically decided, as most of us might, to turn off onto a secondary road...which was also jam packed! They were't going anywhere. So they turned around and headed back home. They made it back quickly as there was no traffic in the lanes heading back to the city.

Here's my point, do you plan for those times when you might have to evacuate more people than yourself? Have you put together family emergency manuals for all family members that can use them? Do you have a BOV to take you to your BOL? How is it equipped? How fast can you get everything and everybody on board and head for safety...and how soon will you leave. If you are given two hours to leave how long do you realistically expect to be on your way?

Former member Wareagle69 posted this way back in 2007, when the forum was in it's infancy. It's still valid today:

Something to think about.

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  1. hayshaker's Avatar
    so spot on i have a few bob/ghb,s in our vehicle but in all honesty i pray we never
    have a emp type event while on the road. sadly far too many people buy into this
    survival notion of how they,ll make it home that worries me. many fourms and magazines glorify this whole get home in a shtf moment but when do you hear any
    talk about the wheel chair bound spouse or the little crippled kid in the back seat.
    i constantly while travlling concier these things which roads to take weather,time of day or evening. coyotes at night and so thank you i,m bugging in.
  2. RkyMntPrepper's Avatar
    I have noticed this myself and I guess those advising everyone else assume children, the "disabled",etc have families who will be looking after them. That is not always the case though, and so I would like to see advise that will help us care for "challenging family members" when there is no choice but to bug out.
  3. mspiper2004's Avatar
    I am a 45 year old woman and am currently on the transplant list. I do dialysis three times a week. I am very active in the mountains; camping, hunting, fishing...honing survival skills, and have LOTS of family who are currently NOT involved in my life. I inevitably have to have my dialysis treatment three times a week or withing a few short days, I am DEAD. I always wonder...if something went down, though I have many skills and abilities, if I don't get a new kidney, what happens to me?
  4. DogMan635's Avatar
    Some good points to ponder and planning ahead. Knowing the area and zones in your area to take advantage of. HAVE A PLAN, think of your family not just yourself, and limitations of each family member. Even if you do not live in a Hurricane Evacuation Zone. What issues should each consider where they live? Wonderful informative post Sarge47, I am wondering if the family was able to avoid serious danger(s). which I understand you may or may not know the outcome. Thank You!
  5. Azert's Avatar
    Good points
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