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Making cooking way

I rarely ever bring metal cooking pots in the forests with me becuase I know how to make pots for cooking and water purifacation out of all natural materials. In any woodland region, your always going to find a fallen dead or half-rotten tree, or some sort of stump. Simply, utilizing coals from a hot fire, you can turn a fallen log or stump into a servicable pot in under an hour using a method called coal-burning. When I make my pots, I use a strip of rough bark that has been soaked in water or is green, and use that as a sort of shovel to pick up masses of hot coals. I place these on top of the stump or log on a relativeley flat surface, and usually to get a good pot, a mass of coals about 8 inches in diameter spread across the wood is ideal. Now, wait about 10 minutes for the coals to burn the wood a little, and then I use a hollowed out thistle plant stem, or reed shoot to blow controlled air onto the coals to magnify the heat to speed the proccess up ( you can also use the windpipe of an animal, but I have never done this). When the coals die down, scrape them off, and I use a stick to scrape the charred wood from inside the very small deppression formed by the coals. Then I repeat the proccess, and within an hour of burning, blowing, and scraping I get a bowl. I carrry them back to camp if they are small logs or stumps, but big ones take dragging back to camp. I used woodchuck fat to smear the bowl inside to keep it from cracking and to water proof it. Now to boil water, I simply heat up bits of granite or some dense rock ( not ones collected by water as they might explode) in a fire until they are red hot. Using my tongs created by bending a sapling and flatning the tips, and tying sinew to hold them in place, I pick up those dozens of rocks one by one and place them in the container, and the water boils. A baseball sized rock will keep a half-gallon container boiling for about 20 minutes. I once cooked Rabbit by throwing strips of meat into the bowl while it boiled. I don't know I think this is handy trick I know because I never need metal pot.

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  1. your_comforting_company's Avatar
    This is good info. could you post up a tutorial with pics in the "making stuff" forum? I also use this method and I think it would be very beneficial to the bare numptys, like myself. I also think that there is great pride to be taken in the primitive creation of something so basic to life.