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Fishing with way

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Fishing with way

Iv'e only used poison to fish a couple times, using a small variety of plants. Indian Hemp, which is a small shrub plant that grows about 2-4 feet tall, with pinkish smooth stalk and green oval leaves ( they produce milky substance when crushed). I simply crush the leaves up in a pool of water where fish are at, and the milky substance is spread around. Within minutes fish rise to the surface to be collected. I always make shure there are no cuts on my hands before I crush the leaves though as I can accidently poison myself. Careful preperation is stressed when cooking these fish, making shure I cook them good, to nuetralize the poison. Also, conservation of fish and water are stressed, I never poison waters that are enclosed, as not to kill future fish and pollute water. Pokeweed ( grows all over united states), which is also a small plant that grows 2-6 feet, has long oval green leaves, a dark brown greenish stalk, and small berries of dark purple in clusters hang from it. I love to eat pokeweed roots, by wetting a rock, placing the roots on it, and placing the rock in the fire, covered with ostrich fern to steam them. Simply crush the leaves until that greenish liquid is spread in the water, just like I said. These are two good ways that are reliable considering these plants grow in most wildernnes areas. Posioning kills fish by oxygen deprevation, neutrilizing the oxygen in the water and replacing it with poisons that interfere with the fishes gill function. Well thats how I do it.

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