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My point of view.........

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My point of view.....

Everyday, or at least every other day, for three years, I have been going to the woods to spend hours honing my skills. The type of survival I practice is primitive wilderness survival, or survival that takes place in one area, and the person in that situation remains there forever as long as the materials are plentiful (edible wild plants and animals, firewood........). I don't learn SAS type survival ( a.k.a short-term survival) where people just want to get out. This type of survival consists of navigation, and makeshift tools and shelters intended to keep you going so that you can reach civilization. I practice these skills- Hunting, Tracking, Long-term shelter construction, Trapping, primitive long-term weapon building, food preperation, edible wild plants, camp craft (making cooking utensils and cooking pots), water purifacation, and clothing making, cordage making, and reading the landscape with peace. These all fall under the "primitive" category. Don't ask me short-term questions becuase I most likely won't know them, leave that to the televison set people, or the media.

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