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Appalachian Trail

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Brand new to this website so I thought I would post a blog...

Ever since I was a HS Senior in 1974, I have wanted to hike the entire Applachian Trail. Trouble is, I should have done it between HS and college, because I can see no way now to put my job, family, and life in general on hold for 4-5 months. Maybe when my kids are in college in 12 years; let's see, I will only be 64 then. Maybe my wife would like a 5-month break from me by then (LOL, at least a little bit).

Has anyone done the AT? How do/did you put your life on hold for that long? Any regrets?

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  1. RichNH's Avatar
    I have not, however you may be interested in the Book "A Walk In The Woods" by Bill Bryson. I've only walked on a very short segment of the AT when My daughter and I were in the Pemigewassett Wilderness in the White Mtns a few years ago.

  2. SARKY's Avatar
    I've done it in sections from VA. north. as I was stationed in Maine for 20 yrs I am most familar with that section of it. It is not something you really want to do in the winter. Part of the trail actually cuts through the Navy's training facility in the Rangley Lakes Region.
  3. swampmouse's Avatar
    I am staying with a family that the guy hiked it between wives. He was crazy and started in late GA winter and just went north. He talks about it like it was a task meant to do from God himself. He never finished.
  4. Erratus Animus's Avatar
    I have done just a small section that starts in Ga to NC, however it is on my list of things to do when I retire. 10 years to go