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S&R Ready Pack

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jacket, poly. pants and shirt, scarf, boots, snow pants, wool socks, poly. hat w/earmuffs

Lowe Alpine TFX Horizon 65 pack 35lbs, full

* to be added


1 50' nylon rope
1 100' ball of twine
1 10m. heavy wire
4 bungee cords
2 14x14 tarps
1 Woods Lite Loft sleeping bag (rated +5C/41F)
3 emergency blankets


2 toques
1 balaclava
1 pr of poly. cargo pants
1 pr warm gloves
1 pr leather work gloves
4 pr wool socks
1 pr syn. liner socks
1 pr syn. thermal underwear
2 pr cotton underpants
1 rain poncho
1 rain suit (pant/jacket)


1 80 lumin Dewalt flashlight w/ spare batt.
2 light sticks
1 emergency candle
1 emergency stove with fuel
1 magic striker w piece of fat wood
1 pack of fire sticks
1 pack of waterproof matches


2 aluminum pots (.9L and 1.4L) w/lids and pot grip
1 stainless steel mug
1 knife/fork.spoon set
2 servings of oatmeal with blueberries
2 servings of trail mix
4 granola bars
1.5 L of gatorade
1.5 L of water

Rescue/ Misc

1 first aid kit (clothes scissors/ 1 soaker band./ 1 tri. band./rubber gloves)
1 pocket mask
1 shatterproof mirror
1 whistle
1 E Trex H GPS with spare batt.
1 Gerber multitool (to go on belt)
1 spare set of glasses
1 mosquito repellent (to be added for summer)
1 roll toilet paper
4 lg ziplock bags
1 10m. light (trap) wire
1 Fiskars hatchet
2 orange garbage bags
1 folding saw

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