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The Dream Buck

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The Dream Buck 11-2-2008

It was an easy shot, 25 or 30 yards away. The doe was broadside and stepped out into the open and looked away. I was fortunate as I did have one arrow left in my quiver, a result of a fall out of the tree that I was sitting in.

The fall was not far, but unfortunately I had landed on my elk skin plains quiver that did not have any support. All but one arrow had been broken right in half when I landed on it.

I have made the shot a dozen times during the 3D shoots and have even made the shot on both deer and wild hogs in the past with favorable results, well, favorable for me. I knocked the arrow, drew anchored and released all in one movement. The arrow was on its way to the vitals, a perfect shot. The arrow seemed to have a mind of its own and soared way over the shoulders of the unsuspecting doe. She was oblivious to anything other than what was keeping her attention at her right.

Then he came out. He was big, I counted 10, 15, maybe 20 points on his antlers. He was a monster, but he looked strange, kind of malformed around the head area. It looked like, at this distance, he had antler tines running down from the top of his head, down his neck to his back. At that moment I noticed, he, the monster buck, the trophy of many a hunters dreams, was staring right at me.

He was looking right at me just like I was looking at him. He snorted, pawed the ground and then started to walk towards me. 30 yards, 25 yards, 20 yards, what was this monster doing? He was walking straight towards me. As he walked closer, the antler tines were coming more into view. Wow, as he closed his distance those were not antler tines. They were arrows, this monster buck with the trophy rack had arrows sticking out of his head, neck, all the way down to right past his shoulders.

The strangest thing was that the buck, what many would call a trophy, was a good 12 point buck with a massive rack with the bases so large, that you could not put your hand around them. This monster, this dream buck was walking up to me, never taking his deep dull sullen eyes off me. Was this was my worst nightmare, a devil deer?

He walked up to me and I put my hand out, while looking at me, right into my eyes, I pulled an arrow out of the base of his skull. I pulled out some antibacterial ointment and dressed the wound. I then proceeded to pull the arrows, all the arrows out one at a time, dressing each wound carefully until I came to the last arrow, right behind his shoulder.

I kept thinking, why is this deer still alive, why do I not just pull out my bowie knife and make one lunge and have a trophy that would adorn my den form many years. As I slowly pulled out the last arrow, that like so many others, had not reached the vitals, I noticed that he, the monster buck had seemed to get a glow in his eyes. A sparkle.

When I had finished pulling the arrows and dressing the last wound, he turned and walked away, never looking back. When he was about 30 yards away, my hunting partner walked up and threw up his bow, knocked and arrow and went to draw and release an arrow, when I pushed him off balance and his arrow sailed towards the tree tops.

My hunting partner then proceeded to question my sanity, my hunting ability, and my manliness as he cursed commenting that this was a dream buck, a trophy deer that may not be ever seen again. I looked at my hunting partner and dropped my bow and my quiver of broken arrows on the ground, walked off and did not say a word.

My sanity was questioned as it was recalled, that I had a stupid grin plastered across my face.

At this point around 0200, I rolled over and noticed that my wife who was already up reading asked me if I was okay, as it seemed that I was having a dream. I told her of the dream and said that I really don’t enjoy deer hunting anymore. She responded in her soft voice that I had not enjoyed deer hunting for the last 6 years. I responded with a dumbfounded “oh,” and went back to sleep.

This was an actual dream that I had one night not too long ago. The dream has plagued my thoughts and has embedded itself in my memories.

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  1. chiggersngrits's Avatar
    Another great story fvr