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Survival Scenario One: Beginner.

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Okay, I gave everybody a chance back on the thread: "Here's your chance..." to come up with some applicable survival situations. One or two of you (klkak, for example,) took the thread seriously & came up with some stuff, the best being a sort of "discover your skills" kinda classroom thing; which is NOT what I was looking for; then it deteriorated into a "joke session". So here's an idea I had; see what you think.

The idea is to have an actual survival scenario for anyone you might have taught skills too, to see how much of these they can actually put into practice. I'm using members names here only because I know them & don't want to take the time to think up generic ones; it has nothing to do with actual skill level. The actual will have a lot more skill than I'm analyzing here.

The members are: Wareagle69, Remy, FVR, TRAX, SMOK, CrashDive, Rebel, & Rick.

All have learned the following skills: Fire-starting with matches; basic 1st aid; Have read through a survival book or two; and....

Have the following equipment per man: Outdoor clothing, with rain jacket, broad-brimmed hat, bandanna, & gloves., (2 also have ponchos) 2 1/2 qt. canteens of water; 1 "Pink Lady" candle; 1 mini-mag lite; 1 sleeping bag with closed-cell foam pad; 1 "All-Weather Sportsman's Blanket" with the colored side floresent orange; 50' of parachute cord; 1 pocket/folder knife. (2 have multi-tools as well. NO fixed blade knives) 1 small 1st aid kit; a few snack items like granola bars, chocolate bars, chips, GORP, etc.; 1 sierra club cup, 1 3' square of aluminum foil. 1 fishing kit made up of 2 split-shot sinkers, 3 small hooks, & 15' of monofilament fishing line; 1 whistle; 1 magnesium block fire-starter or flint & steel; 1 waterproof match safe with 15 water-proofed matches; 1 signal mirror; & TP.()

Group equipment consists of: 1 large cooking set, including coffee pot. Food for 3 meals for 8 people to last 7 days; 5-Gallon can of drinking water; 2 tents capable of comfortably housing 4 adults each; 1 medium axe; 1 bow-saw; 1 Ka-bar fixed-blade knife in sheath; 1 Silva Ranger Compass; 1 Topo map of the area they will be tested in; 1/2 roll of duct-tape; & 1 box of industrial strength, 55 gallon trash bags;a spool of light wire, just the right strength for snares; 1 large medical kit.

2 members, Remy & FVR, have added CPR & more advanced medical training to their knowledge.

Crashdive knows how to start a fire with flint & steel & with a magnifying glass.

Rick carries a Victorinox Swiss Champ.

Smok can tie flies & know how to fly-fish.

TRAX is proficient with the Map & Compass.

Rebel is a politician.

Wareagle is an unknown quantity at this point.

These 8 guys have been picked to camp out together in a National Forest by their teacher. (YOU) They have been told that they will sharpen their skills by learning to use their survival equipment in a camping environment. They are loaded into a bus, along with all of their equipment & driven deep into the National Forest, with the driver twisting, turning, back-tracking, taking new turns, until they are pretty much lost.

They are told to get out of the bus, each one taking only their pack & what they have in their pockets. They are informed that their is a lake 1/2 mile away, 78 degrees SW of their position. Then...

YOU, as the instructor, decide how much of the group equipment, food, & water, to leave with them. Give them a scenario,; like the Bus has been in an accident, caught fire, & this is what's left. Remember, this is a BEGINNER's test. A more tougher one might add women to the mix as that can change group dynamics in a hurry. Have some members injured & to what degree? Leave all of the food & water? Half? Or none?

YOU as the instructor, decide how to grade them, individually & as a group. What should they do 1st? 2nd? etc.. Myself, I'd be interested to see who gets to hang onto the Ka-Bar & why.

Then post your ideas on the aforementioned thread:
Should prove interesting. If you feel that other items could be added, or other particulars, feel free to add them. I'll post my thoughts later on.

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