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You can't have too many knives! Ever sense I was a young boy I was fascinated with knives. My first knife was a Boy Scout pocket knife. My first sheath knife was a Case hunting knife, leather handle and chromed blade. I'm sorry to say but there both long gone now. I'm by no means a knife collector though. I buy knives I think I have a purpose for. Two years ago many of my knives were stolen along with a lot of other equipment. But the loss of the knives hurt the most. They were by far the least expensive of my losses but had much more personal value.

We talk about knives quite often here in the forum. I think most outdoorsman believe their knife is the most important piece of equipment they have. It becomes personal, as close as a friend. We depend on it to do so much and and at the same time just having it strapped to your side gives you comfort and security. As anyone who has read the knife topics of this forum knows, never ask what the best knife is. The "best" is a relative term and how we relate to our knives differs with each person. We'll talk about them endlessly, discussing the make, model, steel, and craftsmanship.

I've worked for many outfitters over the years and sold a lot of knives. I would say a knife is one of those go-to gifts you can't go wrong with. In all of those years I've had only one knife returned that was given as a gift. (the gentleman owned that model so he exchanged it for a different knife)

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