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Survival Story #3.

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Here's a short one that can show what happens when one is properly prepared. Like the two before it, it's from Mr. Fears' book.

"I recall fondly one hunter I helped find in Georgia. He had been lost for two days, and when we found him he had established himself a homestead.In fact, he had built himself such a cozy camp that we used it for an overnight rest before packing out.On the way out, he told us that his "ordeal" had been a ball and he planned to get lost again soon"

Cool, huh?

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  1. Shadowstalker's Avatar
    He sounds like a Psyco. If he's married tell his wife good luck!
  2. skunkkiller's Avatar
    If he going to do it again you should have left him there so he didn't have to go thought the trouble of getting lost again!!!!
  3. bulrush's Avatar
    You say "psycho" I say "well educated". He gets my respect.