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The way of the Scout!

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This is the 1st post I posted in the thread of the same name. Just thought it should be where everybody could access it.

"I've made it no secret how I feel about the role Boy Scouts have played in learning so much about the outdoors. That's the key to Outdoors Survival; not to "Survive" in the outdoors, but to "THRIVE" in the outdoors. Yes, crap can still happen, but a good outdoors-person is ready for just about anything that comes their way. I want to share something here from the 1943 Handbook For Boys that was put out for the Boy Scouts of that day. I don't believe it just pertains to boys, but to the Wolves, and others like us. Read it and tell me what you think."

"What is a Boy Scout?

A Scout, what fun he finds hiking in the woods! He tells North from South by the stars or East from West by the shadows.

He can talk to a brother Scout across a river by signaling. He knows the principle trees and birds and animals that he meets. He knows which are poisonous weeds or reptiles. He can find his way as did the Indians and pioneers before him.

If matches are forgotten, he laughs and proceeds to kindle a fire by rubbing sticks together or by striking steel on flint. The fire once started, what good things he can cook out there in the open!

He keeps himself physically fit. He avoids poisons of alcohol or tobacco. He guards his tongue against from loose speech or boasting or sacrilege. When he speaks of anyone he tries to speak well of them.

His Scout "Good Turns" to someone each day make him many friends- for the way to have friends is to 1st BE one. His motto is "Be Prepared" and he thinks through in advance what he would do in fire or storm.

When someone is injured he is ready to help them with his 1st aid knowledge.
He always tries to be a useful citizen. He helps his community.

Another big thing a Scout enjoys is camping- there he finds fun in game or swim- finds new friends in woods and other fellows- and there among the trees, or under God's silent stars, or by the camp fires ruddy embers, he dreams out his great TOMORROW."

See anything familiar? And remember, this stuff was taught to boys age 11 and up.

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  1. dragonjimm's Avatar
    *claps wildly while nodding enthusiastically*
  2. karatediver's Avatar
    Yes, my feelings exactly. Scouting was the main influence on the man I became. Most of my memories from age 8-18 involve either scouting or times spent with my friends from scouting. I learned more about how the government worked in scouting than in my high school and college civics classes. More importantly, I learned about myself and about life. I did my first resume in scouts, wrote my first letter to an elected representative, did my first home repairs, learned how to do the knot for a neck tie, how to light a campfire without a box of matches, how to pitch a tent, how to cook over an open fire, and countless other little things that have served me well in life.

    I know this blog post was old but I just read it and had to chime in.
  3. andre_lambert's Avatar
    i was a scout when younger and now my youngest son has been in scouting for 5 years we enjoy it immensly...
  4. DSJohnson's Avatar
    Still a Scout and proud of it.