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  1. Yea, they all have their funny ways. And not funny ha ha.

    See you buddy, when I can find you. ; )
  2. Yes I was banned from BCUSA Because I stuck up for a friend that was banned for "Welcoming too much". It was NEVER due to anything I posted anywhere on the forum. It was due strictly to PM's with Koa. Faol also knew about it from another forum where it was being discussed. but he didn't know until after I was banned. I even invited him to make my PM's public by posting them on this other Forum. They are IMO wrong and know it so won't admit it. I also asked them to delete my knife drawings after I was banned, but from going to another computer and logging on as a guest, They are still up.

    While in many ways I think BCUSA is a good Forum, because of these unwarranted Bannings, They aren't THAT good. Had I done something wrong, or had my friend done something wrong, I would have NO problem with them at all. Just be warned that Koa is here and ST as well as at least one other forum that I'm aware of. They Ban for frivolous things...which IS their right, as it IS THEIR Forum.
  3. were you really banned on BCUSA? You rebel!

  4. That is the most frustrating feeling I know of. Hope it works out. Have a great Christmas.
  5. Doing fair I guess. How are you doing? Still busy I see. I look in some but only recently started posting again... having some trouble with my internet I have to reestablish the connection every couple of minutes. Can't get it fixed until after the holidays. Some new lines they put in... it's worse than dial-up, until we can transition over.
  6. How are you doing. Long time no..hear.
  7. No word on the bowie I assume.
  8. No the Curator still hasn't got back with me... Probably out of town ....again!
  9. I have already seen that. Any word lately? I hate to even ask.
  10. Truth be Told Paul, I am really "Nomadic" on the internet. This is my first and oldest Forum. I have a couple thousand posts here if you add them all up. Last year I met some of these folks at a "Jamboree in Indiana", There are some really good folks here.

    If you ever wonder where some of the places I visit are, just do a search for pocomoonskyeyes, and Cephas Ham Bowie. This last is hilarious to me, It seems that I talk about that knife more than anyone else on the web!! If it is spoken about in a Forum, more than likely it is me.
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