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  1. We have the Forest Service Cabin rented late July and Mid-September. We go in on Mountain Bikes. We are all in our 60's. I am 64.
  2. Yes, that is the same Crescent Lake. Welcome to the forum.
  3. Hi Sourdough ... have come across a few of your posts today and thought I'd drop a line here as a new member/visitor. Couldn't help but notice the subtitle under your 'backyard' profile picture as being on the Crescent Lake Trail. That wouldn't be the same Crescent Lake that's just north of Seward is it? I hiked in there some years ago and happened to hit it right, catching some bull grayling on a spinning rod rigged up with a fly (the Leonard fly rod I'd brought all the way from Maine decided to break after about the 3rd cast). Have enjoyed reading some of your posts so far and would love to pick your brain on some local information down the line. Regards ...
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