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  1. Good to hear things are ok.
  2. sorry for the delay in responding to you friend, i have had a bad few days but i have things under control now. Marion county got it set right!
  3. ive used allstate before. they were a good provider. i have a prefect driving record too,(knock on wood)! and i am 42 so the rates are as low as they are going to get for me.
    the benefit of having an uneventful driving history. thanks Pete.
  4. I've been with AllState most of my life. I can't really tell you about other companies since AllState's all I know. They are a great company and have done right by me all these years.
  5. I have a question friend, i just baught a camero (convertable). do you have any suggestions on insurance choices? i dont drive sports cars,normaly. but i smashed the motor out of my saturn in a pot hole. the camero is a hand me over and i cant pass it up. the insurance concerns me because i want ample coverage with a poor boy budget.who should i protect the most mine or a fellow motorist,with a camero
  6. Gene, glad you guys had a good time. Health provided, I love canoeing, let me know.

  7. we had a good day today. the grasshopper lake portages are a nice place to go. it was hot today though. we discussed mabe canoeing a creek or portage some lakes next time. mabe every bodys gears will mesh for that one. yak at ya later Pete, Gene
  8. thats allright, I understand. get well soon,Gene
  9. I won't be able to make it again. I had to go back to the doctor yesterday cause I've been having alot of pain still. He said he doesn't want me doing anything that requires me to be on my feet too much. I'm sorry, it feels like I'm not ment to meet any of you guys, it's starting to really pizz me off.
    I see RWB may go, so I hope you guys have a safe trip and a good time. Please keep in touch.

  10. dont forget tommorow 9 am entrance to grasshopper lake on hwy 19
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