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  1. may your new year be full of survival adventures
  2. How have you been? I've been hunting.
  3. I Was Born In Southfield!
  4. survivalnut, i'm going to New England for a week to camp out.i'll get some good pics if i can. sulfershelf and chicken of the woods shoold be out now (that would make nice photos to post) wish me luck! Gene
  5. I went fishing in Miami I just got back. You should have seen the people staring at me
    fishing with a Grape Vine and my wooden hooks! YEA, i caught two nice pompano! The old way is still a good way!
  6. I added some pictures to our group I hope you like them , Gene
  7. I agree, If you are not using wood, bones,stones
    ,dirt, and pine sap,youre not surviving.plastic bags and MRE's dont speak for someones knowledge of wood lore! A few thorns, some pine sap,and a length of nettle bark make a good start for me, how about you?
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