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  1. Yeah me to, although a good rope would do as Acutely it is a 20 gauge shotgun, I have some thorn bushes near the house and the Ruffled Grouse love them, I had just came back from checking them when the wife snapped that picture. Glad to hear you are in a safe zone, so far. Hard to believe that in two different places, so close together, the problem can be the complete opposite. Hope they catch all the SOB's that started safe over there....
  2. Hi Riverrat,
    Thanks for your thoughts. Luckily we are between the massive floods and the massive fires. Aren't they terrible. Such a huge loss of life and property. A lot of the people died while running from the fires. They had left their homes and were getting out. The smoke was SO thick though, they had no visibility at all and ended up crashing into other cars and ditches.
    It's just shocking, the whole thing. And yes the whole area that is burnt is a crime scene. Somebody lit many of them not just one. Right now I can think of a good use for that rifle you've got there!!
    Take care and thanks again mate!!
  3. Hey Arsey, just watching the news...hope you are no where near the fires. Hard to belive that some idiot may have set them....Good luck over there....
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