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  1. Thanks Mike. Yep I'm back, only at 50% so far, but that beats the alternative.
    Thanks for trying to check up on me while I was down.

  2. hi,pete i see u posting today, so u must be feeling better.. keep up the good work.........mike
  3. how u doing?tell ur friends to pm me about ur health..
  4. hi pete ,hope every thing went well .. keep us posted we care .. mike..............
  5. Thanks Mike, I've been crazy busy getting stuff in line while I'm down on I.R.
    Hope you guys had a good time.
  6. hi pete,we missed u at the gathering..we hope ur surgery goes well. were all praying for a speedy recovery.keep us posted. mike..............
  7. hey pete are u gonna make it to ocala this weekend??
  8. Mike, it's under general survival discussion.
  9. chiye whats the poop on the gathering in ocala??cant find the thread.. mite have got lost in the snafu. looking forward to it..... mike
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