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  1. Whew!!! Been a busy year! I've I'd have known work would pick up like this, I probably wouldn't have started beekeeping! The wife is working and going to school now, so that puts a little more duty on me around the house, too. I was going to call you back last night, but I fell asleep on the couch. We've been working our butts off even during the rain. Heck if folks already have water pouring in the house, you gotta get em fixed up until you can put the roof on, and now I've got about 12 jobs waiting on me.. I'll be working just about all of deer season, too, just to get caught up!
    shoot me a message when you get up and I'll give you a ring this morning before I head out!
  2. Eric, it been a long time, Hope all is well. Just checking in. You are missed.
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