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  1. i see.....
  2. seems im still being sanchoned
  3. got 3 guns since i talked last
  4. so, tac how are the zombie wars going??
  5. yea tac glad u and her and her are doing well..i just have to bite my tongue more..
  6. what do you mean words? btw im still with my girlfriend. remember that thread?
  7. i been here, tac..just listning,and watching..since me and sarge and crash,an some others had words!!
  8. hey palm, i havent seen you in awhile.
  9. sorry tack-guy,i have to decline ur offer to kill 59 yrs old,ive been killing them too long.but i have the 16 ga.sawed off 00buck,sks,10 .22,and .410 loaded and near by.9 shot .22wheel ,and llama .380 too..u just herd them my way.u boys have fun.........mike
  10. What?
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