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  1. Nice to meet ya.

    Websites, there are so many. One of my favorites is Another good one is

    A new site that looks promising is

    They both have excellant trade blankets.

    Flint vs percussion, that is more of what you like. Many say start with percussion then go to flint, opinions vary. Personally, I don't like flint so I stay with percussion.

    There are also a few yahoo groups that are awsome.

    pre1840rowdyrendezvous and another new one that looks good is western-mountain-men. Check out their links and you will have a bunch of info.

    Best thing to do is to find a rendezvous and get your feet wet. Ask a bunch of questions. The number one thing that most do, is to go get your rifle and gear and find out that it's not quite what you want.

    It also depends on how serious you may take it. There are many who are what we call "thread counters". Everything they have or do is just so period correct. I'm not like that, my idea is to do what you can and just have fun. But is sucks when you spend alot of money on gear and find out it's not what you want.

    Keep in touch and if you have any questions, just yell. Or you can call me at 770-891-7438.

  2. Sir, Crashdive told mr to get in touch with you. I am interrested in to start going to these rendezvous that they have for blackpowder buff's. I understand that they have tomahawk and knife throwing contests along with making fire with flint & steel plus shooting blackpowder pistols. It is in this area that I need your advise. Do I need to get myself a flintlock or a percussion pistol? And, do you know of any good websites that I can check them out on? Your help and advise would be very much appreciated. Thank you for your time,

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