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  1. The Good Life was one of my favourite programmes. Did you see the one where Tom hurt his back and Margot(the posh lady nextdoor) helped? She used a colander tied on a stick to individually lift each potato! Every now and again they are repeated. I never tire of watching them.
  2. Been meaning to ask you a???? I watch alot of what we know as public tv. I used to watch one show we know as a Britcom all the time back in the early 90's. I think it was called, The good life. Those folks used to keep me in stitches with their antics while trying to be backyard homesteaders. One time they got fleas from their goats and passed them on to their high living neighbor lady. Never forget that one.

  3. The garden is starting to look a bit sad. Autumn is just around the corner so I'll be harvesting the last of the summer crops soon. Egg production has slowed down a bit and the youngsters are coming up to 6weeks old. I think I have 2 Roosters and 3 hens. It is funny seeing the two little Roos squaring up to each other like mini prize fighters.
  4. we do green maters morel mushrooms and crookneck squash all the same way for later frying.
    slice ( mushrooms lengthwise)
    roll in flour
    dip in wisked egg
    roll in flour again
    lay out on large sheet and put in the freezer till firm
    remove and slide into ziplock bag
    back in the freezer till your ready to fry. take out what you want and put straight into pan with hot oil. don't let em thaw.
    hope the chickens are doing well and the garden is still producing.

  5. Hey there, How's things? I'll have oodles of green tomatoes this year, I seem to recall you mentioning a way to freeze them. Could you let me know?
  6. Hope I handled the friendship request properly. I think I did. Thankyou for the invitation. As far as the garden goes it gone. To many days of 100 plus temps and little to no rain. Trying to figure out what to do for the winter garden this fall. Usually do cabbage. broccoli, carrots, culiflower. If the weather doesn't break here soon who knows. Have a good one across the pond. Hope to see some more pics of your garden soon.

  7. Helloo! I've sent you a friendship request. How's the garden?
  8. Hey yourself! First of all there's $1.50 to 1.00.
    There's some serious money paid for birds over here. Because a certain celebrity chef got into keeping chickens at home, it's become the lastest fashion. As a result breeders know they can charge what they want and people will pay it. Unfortunately it also affects the genuine backyard keeper like me. My last three hybrids cost 15.00 each. One of them goes broody each year so last year she hatched off 8 birds of a meat breed. The fertile eggs were 16 for a dozen including postage. This year I got 6 Light Sussex priced at 8.00($12) and she hatched 5 off. Any Cockerels will go in the freezer.
    Honestly Old Trap, and the other guys will tell you this, I'd give my right arm to move to the US. I'm sick fed up of being ripped off because backyard farming is fashionable. I reckon I pay at least twice what you pay for anything to do with gardening, preserving and poultry!A for instance is canning jars. I pay 1.50, that's $2.25 per pint jar!
    So that site is not the cheapest, neither is it the most expensive!
  9. Hey yall. I was looking into a site that was posted in one of your past threads today and to tell the truth I was in shock after doing a bit of searching. The site was one on small holdings. Ok now here's the ?? I have if you don't mind. First. How much in American dollars is a pound? Now the real kicker to me. I see day old chicks posted for from $79 to $99 dollars each. Have these people lost their minds? I assume these must be out of show breeders. At least I hope so. I resently bought an entire flock of buttercups(14 birds . 12 hens and 2 roosters) which I have found over the years to be good layers for $50, More my kind of pricing. If these prices in this site are normal , how can anyone over there aford to keep chickens? Thanks in advance for any and all answers.

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