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  1. i use both methods, sit and wait and stalking. animals are creatures of habit. they have favorite feeding grounds. they return to them often. territorial competition confines family groups to certain areas. and trails that they use are used often.
  2. That crazy! Stalking through the bushes to get so close to an animal and they executing an accurate throw must have taken years and years of practice. Most people are challenged when stalking an animal with a rifle! Do you usually spot and stalk or sit and wait?
  3. oh yes i have ad exelent luck unting with javolins and spears. splinter weapons rule! a splinter wood javolin is needle sharp. and if the point breaks, it breaks off to a sharp point(self sharpening) using an Atlatl, a javolin is the best of hunting tools.
  4. Hey, im just curious, have you ever had any luck in primitive hunting? Have you ever killed large or small game with javolines or spears?
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