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  1. Hey! Guess I haven't been here for a while. I don't much care for the way the new site looks but the whole gang is mostly there and i like the current events stuff. Glad to hear work is busy for you. I've been super busy too. Wherever the economy stinks it isn't here. I hope things keep going your way.
  2. Hey girl hows it goin? Ive been super busy working again, the building industry has busted loose down here so no more living from paycheck to paycheck. I hate the woods here in the summer choosing the sidewalk sissy route with all the skeeters ,natts and chiggars but its cooling off and huntin season starts soon. Ive been cavediving a ton as well and hang on alot of those sites. I didnt care for the new site everyone moved to and then couldnt log on so I deleted it and just come here . Hope all the gang is doing good as is you. Randy/
  3. OK, Well it seems to be fixed. Most of the people who couldn't get on the site have been able to now.
  4. Still cant log on and cant even reset it so may be saying goodbye. I never sign off and am still signed in everywhere else but there[ST]. Ill still read but only post elsewhere I reacon.
  5. Hey! I've been here for a while. I don't post much and until recently I wasn't on much because the advertising banner made my notebook run too slow.
    Yeah, there are a bunch of people having that problem. Have you tried Googling ST Forums and signing in from that link? It has helped for a couple of people.
  6. Hey I didnt know you were here too. I cant sign in to ST with my normal info. Guess Ill have to reset it to something else. I can see but I cant add my 2 cents.
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