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  1. So what are you doing now a days?...I opened my own fab shop....basically I wanted to find a way to goof off and get paid for it....been working so far....We'll see if it keeps up with the economy the way it is.

    Been running a Cub Scout pack with the wife for about 7 yrs.

    I've been doing CCW classes here and my NRA Instructors Certs a while back.

    Also been doing some prepping consulting....a bit of amateur gunsmithing....building and modifying gear here and there....trying to get my comms nailed down. I want to have our radios hook into a couple Bose tactical headsets .

    We'll have to go out some time after it has been raining to try the Blastmatch thing again....I watched you video.

    Were you just trying not to use anything but a firesteel?
  2. Thanks you sir....
  3. Do me a favor......Don't use my name on post....Thanks.
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