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  1. hey Skookum, sorry i didnt get back to you right away, i dont go on as much these days cuz there arent much woods where ill be staying for the next 8 or 9 months while i go to school for massage therapy.

    thats awesome you are in oregon. i love the north west coast area, all green and kinda magical. hopefully i can visit that area again soon.

    the deer i took that pick of (if im thinking about the same one) was of a yearling that was always hanging around and was very curious and approachable. those pics arent good enough quality to blow up big and frame. but i got a new digital camera which is pretty good with taking quality shots but then it freezes up and the only way to get it to work again is to take the batteries out which causes you to loose the pics you took. ill be getting it fixed when i get around to it.

    i frended you which will show up when you accept welcome to the forum.
  2. I love your pictures. You should frame them and then sell them. I really love the deer one. How close were you and the deer? Good job! I am an outdoor photographer too, in my spare time. Trying to adjust to digital cameras. I seem to like the old 35mm cameras the best. You could control the image better, take faster shots depending on the film speed, and use different films. I used to store my florescents and black and whites in the frig until used. Maybe in a year or so I'll get a nicer digital. Keep up the good work. It's appreciated.
  3. My name is Skookum Chetwoot. It's my Chinook name meaning Wild Bear. But I'm not really wild. Used to be. Not in a bad sense. When I was young, I used to ride my appaloosa in a spontaneous way. Usually off trails (that's where you see the good stuff). In Oregon, it rains alot. My horse and I would like to slide down muddy hill sides. You wanna be friends. I would like to share your fire. Like Jim Craig saying, "You are welcome to my fire anytime." in the Man from Snowy River
  4. Hubba Hubba!!!!!!! You're gorgeous!
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