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  1. my Cherokee name is agatolitsigili which mean Horned Owl Eye in english. My great aunt who was 90 at the time, gave it to me at birth. Owls are revered and feared with the Cherokee, and she died before I got a chance to ask her why she gave me that name, but my Dad thinks it's because of how I look at people sometimes...haha. You never know! Good to meet you.
  2. thanks. i chose it because of the owls i use to follow around in the woods. there were a couple of mated pares with baby owls and when they were old enough to fly i would go out into the woods around sunset or just before and listen for them and follow their sound till i found them, then we would just watch each other from about 15 to 20 feet away. sometimes id follow the parents too. they let me get pretty close and didn't seem to mind. they would cock their head and move it in circles at me like they were studying me lol. welcome to the forum owl eye
  3. good name...a kindred soul that shares my cherokee name is always a welcome site.
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