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  1. Okay, I started a blog.

    Gotta run!
  2. When I get ready for my trip, I will put my gear list on my profile so you can tell me what I am missing. Once I get to Costa Rica, I will try to put some pics and writing in an album here so it's easy for you to find... when I am around the internet. HUGS
  3. Hi, I logged in and tried to look in the album link you emailed, but it says the album is empty. The knife is awesome! great job. Mom
  4. okie doke.
  5. Hey. This is your turf so I am just going to do a little research from time to time and check on your pics and whatnot. I introduced myself and did a brief round of chit-chat, but I am not as knowledgable as this crowd. Great stuff. Mom
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