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  1. Hey DM, yes, every state is different. Some just thumb their collective noses at the fed. Gov.! Illinois is the worse. Every gun owner is required to carry a FOID (Firearm Identification Card) in order to purchase guns or ammo. New Jersey is the only other state out of the 50 that requires one. Also, the other 49 states allow "concealed carry" in one form or another. Illinois is the ONLY one that does not. The blame seems to lie on Chicago, however I don't believe that that's a valid reason. Look at New York City, Detroit, and L.A., just to name a few.
  2. Hi Sarge,

    Was just looking through some old threads and came across something you wrote. You mentioned were you live that they have cracked down on gun carrying and transporting of guns? Dose every state in the US have different rules? They have cracked down a lot here in the UK, I hope it never gets as bad as it is here for you guys, and I’m sure it won’t.

    Take care,

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