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  1. Moving to Livingston are you....nice. Give me a shout sometime 223-5134 and I'll take you up on the beer
  2. Looks like I'm moving down your way (Livingston). You'll have to let me buy you and the wife a beer and a Spam sandwich after I get settled in. Hope you're doing well!
  3. Checking to see how you're doing? Now that it's snowing I'll get to play on here again.
  4. Just now saw the article in the New York Times. I'm really behind on events these days...grrrrrrrrrrr. I wouldn't have even seen it if an FBI agent (can't say how I know him) was looking at dog sledding and stumbled on my name. LOL

    Anyway, congrats on a great article and thanks again for a wonderful time!

  5. You're welcome. I'm glad they finally got through to you. And, again, thanks for a great trip.
  6. hey thanks for all the photos! Awesome!!
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