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  1. Wilderness can change a man........

    There is a real transformation that can metamorphose within a man who is alone in the wilderness. He can exit the wilderness fragile, very fragile, he is no longer sure where that which is himself ends and that which is not himself starts.

    Everything is kind of fuzzy, and has a softness about it, all things appear slightly blurred to the eye, like after one has been crying, and it can be hard to distinguish where one object stops and another object starts.

    He feels ...

    Updated 02-18-2013 at 07:47 PM by Sourdough

  2. Learning the basics, part 6.

    If you’ve read the forum at length you’ve had to notice the big interest in survival gear. With all the advances in technology today there is a newer version of essential gear being advertised all the time. Newer steels for knives, fancier electronics in GPS equipment just to name a couple.

    This being said there is something about making your own gear. Some members have gotten into knife making, making both hand and bow fire-drill sets, & ...
  3. Learning the basics, part 5.

    V. STOP!!!!
    That’s right, when in trouble, stop! Forget that yahoo on TV that runs headlong through briar & bramble challenging his camera crew to endanger their lives by trying to keep up with him. If you think it’s easy running while trying to focus and hold a “steady cam” think again!

    Whether you’re solo or with a group, as soon as you recognize that you’re in trouble, STOP! Unless you find that you’re in the middle of a life-threatening situation & ...
  4. Learning the basics, part 4.


    “What,” you may ask, just is survival?” Reading the 1st 3 paragraphs of chapter 12: Survival Preparedness, here’s what we discover:

    “Every day of our lives, we are engaged in surviving. Continually, we need air to breathe, food & water to nourish ourselves, and protection from the elements. As a society, we’ve created networks of food production, distribution, & storage that can put fresh fruits on our tables in the dead ...
  5. Learning the basics, part 3.


    The Three Tools of Survival.

    Many people, new to understanding survival, do not truly appreciate what it is & means. Some believe that it’s the latest “extreme sport,” romanticized by TV stars who drink urine & eat all kinds of disgusting things in order to dramatize what it is they’re doing. These “posers” run headlong through the outdoors, setting a poor example for those who watch in the hopes of learning ...
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