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  1. Learning the Basics II: Hiking: Part 2.

    (Caveat: The following list & information is geared towards traveling on foot in the mid-West during the warm months of the year.)

    Even a simple day hike requires much preparation. Rule #1, never leave home without ALL of the equipment, knowledge, and clothing that you will require; remember, this isn't some "half-azzed" game or the latest "extreme sport!" Survival is "Life or Death!" Even a simple day hike can turn deadly if you don't take the proper ...
  2. Learning the Basics II: Hiking: Part 1.

    I started posting this on a thread on the forum page, however it quickly went way beyond what my original intent, which was to encourage those new to the outdoors to get out & learn to enjoy and love it! So I've deleted the thread & am starting several series of blogs here on Hiking, Camping, & fishing; starting with Hiking. The following post was my 1st post on that thread, more will follow.


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  3. On the Edge - A Glance At WW3's Beginnings

    Anyone recall the history surrounding the change in our global economies, cultures, and the events leading up to WWII? Better yet - think about this - in many ways - WWI itself set things in motion that led to the second World War.....

    Fast Forward. Today we've been engaging in the Middle East directly for how long? Stage is set, conditions are changing, stability is changing across the region.

    Ready for this? Just a few thoughts....

    Here's my slightly ...
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  4. Group dynamics

    The following are not solely my thoughts, but an amalgam of information gathered through education and research. I posted this once in the regular forum during a debate with a former member. This is also my first ever blog. Group dynamics play a bigger role in survival then many give it credit for. Group dynamics is also vital to the survival of this forum.

    Group dynamics is the study of groups, and also a general term for group processes. Relevant to the fields of psychology, sociology, ...

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  5. Wilderness can Change a Man........

    The wilderness can change a man............
    There is a real transformation that can metamorphose within a man who is alone in the wilderness. He can exit the wilderness fragile, very fragile, he is no longer sure where that which is himself ends and that which is not himself starts.

    Everything is kind of fuzzy, and has a softness about it, all things appear slightly blurred to the eye, like after one has been crying, and it can be hard to distinguish where one object stops ...

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