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  1. Why Tanning?

    Theres a short answer, and there's a long answer.

    I look at things like this: Pre-settlement natives had no "modern" anything. They did for themselves and their community or they did without. They viewed their tribe as a whole entity consisting of seperate specialized parts. Some were livers, some were toenails, some were eyes. Some hunted, some tanned, some foraged, some gathered firewood, etc.
    Native Americans did a lot with little. This is my goal in life. I want ...
  2. Advise to the: "I am moving to Alaska wilderness, and live off the land"

    After 40 years in Alaska, much of it remote, I give the following advise to those who dream of: Living alone in the wilderness off the land.

    Study: Read everything you can find written FIRST Person, by those who did it in 1886 to 1936. Spend one year reading, studying, and get a good magnifying glass with which to study photographs of the period. Make notes, what did they wear, what tools are present, how did they feed the dog team, how many ways too build a cache, etc..
  3. my views on some tanning aspects

    I really enjoy brain tanning. To be able to take a wet, greasy, sloppy, hairy mass of flesh and turn it into this fantastic, chamois-soft, sweet-cigar-smelling piece of washable cloth amazes me every time I do it. These views are mine alone and are simply observations made during my experiences.

    Comparing Tans:
    buckskin is great but absorbs water like a sponge. soft, lightweight, washable. excellent cool weather wardrobe, and it's sexy as all get-out. It is a very physical ...
  4. Defining "Survival."

    Oft-times we have new people show up here on the forum who believe that, despite their young years, they know more about survival than those who are older, more knowledgeable, &, in some cases, have lived through a real survival situation. They often give themselves away with foolish statements like the following:

    1.) I enjoy surviving.

    2.) I would only want to survive alone, not join an organized group.

    3.) I'll be a better survialist than all of ...

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  5. Field Dressing

    I probably should have posted this part first, but oh well. I have come across a few field dressed deer that looked to me like had a lot of extra work in them. I wanted to post up a slightly simpler way that is equally effective and will get you back out on the road so you can get your meat home quicker.

    Field Dressing 101
    If it is going to take a while to get your deer home, most people prefer to gut the deer in the field. I personally dont gut them where I kill them, because ...
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