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  1. Dec 17/08 Cutting down on my gear

    Hmm.. I'll see..

    Dunno if I want to drill holes in a perfectly good pot.. LOL

    I've whittled my pack down a bit..

    I WAS going to get rid of the extra tarp..

    But I thought, it weighs next to nothing, and takes up almost that in space.. Might as well hang onto it..

    Was also thinking about ditching the Coughlan's emergency stove..

    But it'd be nice to have inside a tent for some heat in the pouring rain..

    Updated 12-17-2008 at 09:15 PM by dougz

  2. Pack/ Winter Clothing Field Test #1

    Dec 15/08

    Time: 10am

    Temp: -22 C Wind: 7 kph

    Distance: 3 miles



    Ready Pack (35lbs)
    Poly. hat w/ear flaps
    Columbia jacket
    Tee shirt
    Poly. "micro-fleece" gloves
    Cotton tube socks
    Old Merrel all-terrain sneakers


    Pack felt good, though I could have gotten it on my hips better, I think ...

    Updated 12-28-2008 at 07:33 PM by dougz

  3. S&R Ready Pack

    jacket, poly. pants and shirt, scarf, boots, snow pants, wool socks, poly. hat w/earmuffs

    Lowe Alpine TFX Horizon 65 pack 35lbs, full

    * to be added


    1 50' nylon rope
    1 100' ball of twine
    1 10m. heavy wire
    4 bungee cords
    2 14x14 tarps
    1 Woods Lite Loft sleeping bag (rated +5C/41F)
    3 emergency blankets


    2 toques
    1 balaclava ...
  4. Sarge's Memorial to Wolves who have "passed on".

    To Caracou Garou.

    A brother Wolf has passed.
    The wolves gather in their pack,
    Their mournful howls filling the night.
    A brother Wolf has passed on,
    His memory a guiding light.

    We never saw his face,
    Nor heard his voice aloud.
    We only read his words,
    And hold his memory proud.

    Good-bye my brother,
    we miss your guiding words.
    They will echo with the beasts,
    And be lifted with the birds. ...
  5. The Dream Buck

    The Dream Buck 11-2-2008

    It was an easy shot, 25 or 30 yards away. The doe was broadside and stepped out into the open and looked away. I was fortunate as I did have one arrow left in my quiver, a result of a fall out of the tree that I was sitting in.

    The fall was not far, but unfortunately I had landed on my elk skin plains quiver that did not have any support. All but ...
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