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  1. USMC Force Recon Survival Kit.

    I received my USMC F.R. S.K. today and was debating weather to go ahead and open it up or just leave it in it's tough, original packaging until I needed it. Logic swayed me as I figured that if I waited what would I do if the items were broken or missing, so I went ahead and opened it. The following is my review of the items:

    Side A: Shelter and Food Gathering Side:

    Fishing Kit, Emergency 4220-00-244-0764: Well made with everything you might need to catch fish or even
  2. 10 definitions for Noobs.

    Oft-times we get members here that are completely new to the terms used for Wilderness Survival, so this may help.

    1.) SK stands for "Survival Kit." These range in size from microscopic to gargantuan and any where in between. It has been rumored that a very small kit that can fit inside a thimble has the power to save you from a Force 5 Hurricane such as Katrina or Sandy! The components to the miniature survival kit are quite small, You will probably lose this before you ...

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  3. Ron Hood's Videos review.

    I ordered 7 of the Ron Hood Videos as follows:

    1.) Woodsmaster DVD's : Vol 2 - Shelters and Priority

    2.) Woodsmaster DVD's : Vol 3 - Survival Kits

    3.) Woodsmaster DVD's : Vol 10 - Survival Camping

    4.) Woodsmaster DVD's : Vol 11 - Solo: Quest for Survival

    5.) Woodsmaster DVD's : Vol 14 - Crafts for the Field

    6.) Woodsmaster DVD's : Vol 15 - Sticks, Stoves and Stitches

    7.) Woodsmaster DVD's : Vol 21 - Hoods ...

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  4. Review of the RANGER RICK DIGEST; vols. I-IX.

    I would like to see this material up-dated for relevancy to the current military, organized, and printed in a more reader-friendly font. If anyone is interested in purchasing these digests, the good news is that US Calvary has knocked the price down from $5.50 per digest to $.88 each! I visited A.R.R.s Survival website and was amused to see that, like me, he doesnt think that much of the Ritter survival kits and goes on to explain why: ...
  5. Stealth, or What I Learned Today

    So, This is gonna bounce around a bit. Great day on the first day of rifle season. Spent the whole day out, either waiting in ambush with my high-powered, high-precision, instrument of instant death, or actively working the land as a team "flushing" the hunt.
    First thing this morning, a hawk is chittering out on the riverbank, and flies not too far over head. pretty cool.

    Young buck comes into my little area, small one with two spikes. I could tell he was small right ...
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