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  1. The way of the Scout!

    This is the 1st post I posted in the thread of the same name. Just thought it should be where everybody could access it.

    "I've made it no secret how I feel about the role Boy Scouts have played in learning so much about the outdoors. That's the key to Outdoors Survival; not to "Survive" in the outdoors, but to "THRIVE" in the outdoors. Yes, crap can still happen, but a good outdoors-person is ready for just about anything that comes their way. I want to share ...

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  2. Tuning a Flintlock

    Tuning Your Flintlock
    By Beowulf65

    Got a lot of questions on how I work on my flinter, well here's hoe I "tune" my flintlock, hope this helps.
    When flintlock geometry is referred to, it's usually one of two areas, cock to pan or frizzen snap over.
    The Cock Area When the cock is in the down position the shoulder of the cock should rest on the lock plate and the tumbler should have slight clearance from the bridle. The bridle is the backup
  3. Rabbits and Diseases

    Everyone on here knows I do trekking, well on a trek I eat rabbit and some have asked how do I know if it has a disease, well
    most rabbit diseases are rare, but there are a few one may worry about on occasion, the one to look for is RHD or Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease, this can make a person anywhere from sick to being fatal, here is what I have learned on the disease, and some pics of what to look for. NOTE these pice may be ugly, nasty looking, graphic or disturbing to some. But this is well ...

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  4. Snares Continued 1

    Deer Stops
    Deer stops are installed on snares to prevent the loop from closing past a minimum diameter. This will prevent the snare from closing around a deer's foot if one of these animals should accidentally encounter the snare.
    Unlike other trapping devices,snares can only be used once. After an animal has been caught in a snare,the cable will be bent and will no longer function properly. But all the mechanical parts may be able to be reused to make more snares.
    How A Snare ...
  5. How to go and live in the northern woods

    As this seems to come up every now and then, here's my opinion. There's other ways of doing it, but this is what worked for us.
    This is for people who want to go and live somewhere in the bush (= no road access) longterm, in northern Canada. Not for someone on a quest to survive with a knife, loincloth and tarp.

    For anyone who didn't grow up in a rural setting that enabled them to learn such country skills as living without electricity and running water, who is unfamiliar ...
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