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  1. Advise to the: "I am moving to Alaska wilderness, and live off the land"

    After 40 years in Alaska, much of it remote, I give the following advise to those who dream of: Living alone in the wilderness off the land.

    Study: Read everything you can find written FIRST Person, by those who did it in 1886 to 1936. Spend one year reading, studying, and get a good magnifying glass with which to study photographs of the period. Make notes, what did they wear, what tools are present, how did they feed the dog team, how many ways too build a cache, etc..
  2. Review of the “RANGER RICK DIGEST;” vols. I-IX.

    Having recently purchased all nine copies of the Ranger Rick Digest series I decided to review my findings here. Before I start just let me state for the record that I was a bit surprised to find that, contrary to what I thought, the series is NOT a collection of manuals on Survival, but rather a collection of bits and pieces of info to help soldiers to better their situation while serving in the military.

    Also, Ranger Rick, now known as ARMY Ranger ...

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  3. Ron Hood's Videos review.

    I ordered 7 of the Ron Hood Videos as follows:

    1.) Woodsmaster DVD's : Vol 2 - Shelters and Priority

    2.) Woodsmaster DVD's : Vol 3 - Survival Kits

    3.) Woodsmaster DVD's : Vol 10 - Survival Camping

    4.) Woodsmaster DVD's : Vol 11 - Solo: Quest for Survival

    5.) Woodsmaster DVD's : Vol 14 - Crafts for the Field

    6.) Woodsmaster DVD's : Vol 15 - Sticks, Stoves and Stitches

    7.) Woodsmaster DVD's : Vol 21 - Hoods ...

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  4. USMC Force Recon Survival Kit.

    I received my USMC F.R. S.K. today and was debating weather to go ahead and open it up or just leave it in it's tough, original packaging until I needed it. Logic swayed me as I figured that if I waited what would I do if the items were broken or missing, so I went ahead and opened it. The following is my review of the items:

    Side A: Shelter and Food Gathering Side:

    Fishing Kit, Emergency 4220-00-244-0764: Well made with everything you might need to catch fish or even
  5. A book review of "Stay Alive Survival Skills You Need!" by John D. McCann.

    Recently John McCann became a member of this forum. He is the author of the well known book, "Build the Perfect Survival Kit." This book is jam packed with good info on instructing those who desire to know how to make their own SK! John ranges from "ultra small kits" to a full-size Backpack and shows you the items that can go into each and every one, based upon size, need and budget. The photos are black and white, but very well done none the less. Every newcomer to the ...

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